Sale and lease back


Sale and lease back

Asset sale and lease back

The Sale and Lease Back (SLB) option can be used as an alternative financing option in particular situations. In this sort of arrangement, the leased object is first of all sold by the owner to the lessor. In order to allow the original owner to continue using the property or the machine (asset), however, the asset is then leased back to the original owner. In addition to property, the contract can also include assets. All of the assets registered must be purchased by the subsequent lessee again.

Sale and lease back transactions to mobilise liquidity reserves
INFINMENT has already successfully supported and executed several SLB transactions. When raising capital via an SLB transaction, our clients are mainly seeking to cover existing liquidity requirements.

Possible leased objects include:

  • Newly acquired assets (e.g. machinery, plant, real estate, proprietary rights)
  • Existing assets owned by the company (e.g. machinery, plant, real estate, proprietary rights)

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