Corporate bond


Corporate bond

The term “corporate bond” refers to bonds issued by German or international companies. These can be used as an alternative to conventional borrowing from banks. Unlike covered bonds (Pfandbriefe), corporate bonds are generally not backed by additional collateral. The rating awarded to the company is particularly important when it comes to the interest rate to be paid, although there is also such as a thing as unrated bonds. First-rate bonds have lower yields. The rating assigned to the bonds helps the investor to assess and continuously monitor the risk entered into.

Corporate bond to diversify the financing structure
The INFINMENT team has already actively supported and executed several corporate bonds, including both public and private transactions. Bond issues (both public and private) involve a number of complex activities w which are mastered by the INFINMENT management team. INFINMENT acts as a consultant and coordinator for the technical implementation of a bond issue.

When raising capital, our clients are mainly seeking to satisfy an existing capital requirement and end their current reliance on banks.
Advantages for companies/issuers:

  • Company can diversify its existing financing structure
  • Collateral structure or alternatively senior loan with no collateral security
  • Moderate covenant structure can be negotiated
  • Long-term provisions of capital possible (up to 7 years)
  • Capital can usually be structured without the use of funds
  • Financing alternative that does not rely on banks
  • Financing of fixed-step growth investments for which conventional financing is not an option

The "private placement":
  • Lower non-performance-related costs
  • No company-specific information for the public
  • Low follow-up costs
  • "Faster" to execute than a public transaction.

Implementation criteria/overall data for the raising of capital:
  • Annual revenue (consolidated) of at least EUR 25 million
  • Objective of raising capital of at least EUR 5 million and up to EUR 100 million.
  • Company’s registered office can be located anywhere worldwide

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